Polish tourists arrive in Tenerife with the intention not only to escape from the daily routine, but also to know the volcanoes, as well as the different volcanic landscapes that exist in the area. Of course, most of them love being in touch with nature and knowing that there are countless areas with these characteristics on the island, it is easy to understand why they continue to visit Tenerife year after year.

And it is that for tourists who come from Poland, Tenerife has become an indispensable place to go on vacation or even to spend a weekend. It is an island where there are a lot of activities to do, not to mention that there are countless places of interest of great beauty and history.

Another reason why Polish tourists visit Tenerife has to do with its benevolent climate most of the year, something that contrasts significantly with the climate prevailing in Poland. In fact, the climate in Poland is considered humid continental, in addition to the winters in this country tend to be very cold with temperatures of -5 ° C, while in summer the average temperature reaches 19 ° C.

On the contrary, in Tenerife the weather is much more pleasant, even during the winter, at which time the sun even maintains its splendor, although it is true that there are also areas where there is a lot of humidity, especially in the north of the island. Polish tourists have a lot of activities available to choose from, so they should not worry more than organizing their itinerary so that their stay is enough time to be able to make and visit the main sites of interest in Tenerife.

For example, the beaches are undoubtedly a great attraction for Polish tourists who come from a cold climate where you cannot enjoy these wonders of nature. Some of the most recommended beaches for Poles in Tenerife include:

Playa de El Médano
Playa de Socorro
Playa de Fañabe
Playa La Arena
Playa La Jaquita – Alcalá – Guía de Isora
Playa Las Vistas
Playa Los Cristianos
In Tenerife there are also swimming pools and puddles that are very popular places among foreign tourism, including Poles. In this sense, the most prominent include Bajamar, Charco of Crab Island, Charco of the Spider, Charco of the Laja, Charco of the Wind, Charco Don Gabino, in addition to the English Charco, the Charco Los Chochos and the Charco de Joaquín.

Many Polish tourists also enjoy getting to know picturesque places that reflect the true essence of the island of Tenerife, as is the case with villages and hamlets. Among the most notable we can mention Aripe and Chirche, Caserio de Masca, Icod el Alto, Icor, La Cisnera and Teguedite, Igueste de Candelaria and La Hoya.

As mentioned at the beginning, Polish tourists in Tenerife have a predilection for natural sites and volcanic landscapes. An unmissable place for them is undoubtedly the Teide National Park, which is located right in the central part of the island and where it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views, as well as enough vegetation and even enjoy the cable car that reaches a station which is 3,555 meters high.

There are also other natural areas for Polish tourists who can enjoy such as the Cliff of La Hondura, Cliffs of Isorana, Cliffs of La Culata, Barranco de Erques, Barranco de Fasnia and Güímar, Barranco de Ruiz, Barranco del Infierno or the Caldera del Rey.

Polish tourists can also enjoy other places of interest in Tenerife that include parks and gardens, establishments, historical places, viewpoints, as well as a good amount of museums and countless outdoor activities to do with family or with the couple.