It is true that one of the tourist objectives that are mostly visited are the beaches and in this case it will not be the exception.

Spain is a beautiful place, which shines through the beautiful places it has in its surroundings but without a doubt the one that stands out for its beauty is the Canary Islands, whether for its beautiful sand, the calm and perfect sea … I assure you that It is a place where vacations are completely unforgettable.

For the same reason, if you are thinking of going out and knowing a beach, Tenerife is your choice.

The north and south of Tenerife
It is important to mention that this beautiful island has two important airports that are located in the north and south. Mainly the northern area is characterized by the strength of the green, since it is tropical, leafy landscapes, but above all the beautiful beaches that are found, which are characterized by their black color.

On the other hand, in the southern zone the climate is a bit more stifling, hot and especially dry. Therefore it is recommended that for those people who are looking for beaches and climates to be able to swim openly in the waves, the southern area is yours.

Essential places to visit in Tenerife

El Teide
We can start with the Alto del Teide, it is a must-see place for tourists on the island, since in this place you will be able to find one of the most indispensable views, so it is recommended to start with the Teide.

It is an extraordinary volcano, from the top you can observe the whole island. It is a visit that gets a little tired on the climb but it is worth it and it does not take more than a half day to get to know and tour. Enough excursion is enough.
Now, let’s go to the second point.

Los Gigantes and the beautiful natural pools.
It is an extension that starts from Teide until it runs into Los Gigantes … located on the east coast, it is about an hour’s walk. Believe me when I tell you that the view you can admire is worth it, since it is a landscape completely formed by cliffs that reach up to 600 meters of horizontality.

Therefore, it is one of the most attractive places, mainly for those who love hiking, on these routes they can visit the Teno rural park, cross different ravines such as Masca and, above all, they cannot forget the Teno Alto.

It is located in the center of the island, so you can not miss it, besides it is the third highest active volcano in the world Tempting, do not you think? It has the highest peak in all of Spain thanks to a height of 3718 meters, the best of all is that it has a cable car that helps to see it in a much more majestic sense.

Natural pools of Garachico
Once you have finished knowing this beautiful place it is easy to skirt the north coast, which is very beautiful, it allows you to quickly reach the beautiful natural pools of Garachico, which are located in a most beautiful town that you should not hesitate to To know, more than anything, their swimming pools are an attraction for their peculiarities.

Due to the lava that flooded the town in 1706, it has managed to leave a series of completely natural pools that were endowed with great beauty, but above all, what has drawn great attention is that they have steps, a few walkways, in addition to some Dive points that are wonderful thanks to its crystal clear waters.

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