2. Now the next step is to decide where you want the car to be taken, you can select the airport, hotel and enter other options. The place where you will make the return and it is important the time in which you will use it, and your age.

3. Once this movement is done, it will show you different cars that are available and their characteristics, the cars that have a discount on their use. You only have to select the one that is most pleasing to you, so that you can then select the online or office payment method. In this case it will clearly be online.

4. Selected the car and the payment method, you will be guided to a new page where you can choose in case you need extra materials, such as seats for children or babies. You just have to indicate how many of them you want and if you don’t need them you should skip that step; so you must lower your cursor to where the invoice of the type of car you have selected will mark you, if you have added an additional product, if this service has a discount. Select «confirm reservation»

5. Finally, you will be presented with a format with different fields that you must fill out. Do not worry that this movement is carried out so that the service that is being offered to you is more optimal, since in the event that there is a delay or setback they can contact you in the fastest way to solve these problems. Once it has been filled in you must select “end reservation”

6. As a last step, you must indicate your credit card information in order to complete the transaction.

Car rental online, safe and convenient
As you noticed, these are simple steps and they will take you very little time, the truth is that with more anticipation you make the reservation you may have more discounts applied which is a complete wonder.

Best of all, you enjoy many benefits since there are no hidden data, they are clear and concise with the services we provide. In addition to having an insurance franchise, which will make you calmly on the car of your choice.

But above all, the best of all is that you do not necessarily have to make the payment in advance, you can do it at the moment when you purchased the car, which is a wonder in case you have any setback and you can not get said day. You must only notify and make the reservation.

In addition to the fact that the service provided is almost immediate in the event that you completely fill in the information that is required, since as I have mentioned, we are committed to the service and tranquility that we can provide you … so that your trip is The quietest, you enjoy the different advantages we offer unlike other rentals.

We assure you that we are one of the best options so that through us you know Tenerife, you will be delighted.